Using Modular Aluminum Trench Shields

While construction itself has its hazards, excavation has a higher percentage of workers who die on the job than in construction alone.  Modular aluminum trench shields are only Image result for prevent cave-ins from occurring in the trenchone part of the equation to keep excavation workers safe on the job.

What Keeps Soil Falling
Obviously, the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day is suitable here. A shoring can be put into place to hold up for the duration of excavation. Bad weather and simply a miniature gulch sitting open  leads to soil changes. Such changes may lead to soil falling in and killing workers.
While tracking soil types and watching the parameters of the trench will help spot soil before it buries anyone, tools are used to further shield workers.

The Trench Shields
They may include systems rails that are kept in place using hydraulic cylinders for the whole expanse of the trench. Modular aluminum trench shields provide a wide array of products to meet requirements in the trench.  Hand pumps keep the hydraulic cylinders tightly fitted in place.

Shields do not have to reach from top to bottom of the trench. They may have two feet from the floor of the trench. The key is to be able to support the depth the trench reaches to prevent the soil from falling into the trench.  The very top portion of the trench shield needs to rise 18 inches of the soil or anything that could cave. In addition to using trench boxes in open areas, consider also putting them in with sloping areas too.

Modular aluminum systems help to provide a strong and yet light weight solution to prevent cave-ins from occurring in the trench. Look for product lines that provide a full range of boxes for different project demands. It is the responsibility of an employer to Image result for prevent cave-ins from occurring in the trenchensure that they take all precautions necessary to make sure they provide a safe workplace for their workers. That means learning about OSHA rules on excavation and following them.

Look for modular aluminum trench shields that are both practical and that meet the minimum OSHA standards for safety and effectiveness. It helps if the shields are additionally able to help workers shore without hurting utility lines. The aluminum is lightweight but a strong option.
Look for the specifications that will suit your system as well. That will work toward giving you the safety and reliable performance that your job requires.

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