New Roofing Designs And Popular Trends In The Roofing Industry

One of the biggest trends in the roofing industry is to look for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional roofing materials. As more and more homeowners choose green homes, the roofing industry is doing its best to keep up. There are quite a few new roofing designs that focus on creating a comfortable interior environment, providing power for the home, or minimizing the impact of the structure on the surrounding Image result for eco-friendly roofingenvironment.

One fast-growing trend is for buildings to use green roofs rather than traditional roofs, said Prate roofing & Installation LLC. In essence, what this means is that they grow vegetation on the roof of the building rather than relying on traditional roofing materials. This could mean growing a layer of grass or growing plants such as sedum.

There are several benefits associated with this. For one thing, it helps keep the interior of the buildings more comfortable all year round. Additionally, it helps minimize the urban heat island effect. This is where urban centers are several degrees hotter than the surrounding rural communities because of a lack of vegetation. These types of roofs can also be used to help control runoff during heavy rain and to provide a relaxing space for employees or homeowners to enjoy.

Solar shingles are another growing trend. In the past, if you wanted to use solar energy in your home, you had to install bulky solar panels that detracted from the original roof line of your home. Today, however, companies are working on developing solar shingles. In essence, these shingles can be used to roof your home in much the same way as traditional shingles. However, they have the added benefit of providing solar power. This can allow you to power your home with solar energy without the need for bulky roof panels.

Image result for eco-friendly roofingAs you can see, new roof designs are generally centered around making homes and commercial buildings more eco-friendly. It will be interesting to see which direction the roofing industry heads in moving forward into the future. No doubt, human ingenuity will provide countless new advancements that dramatically improve upon traditional roofing designs, helping to make buildings more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

In the long run, it is just this type of innovation that is required if humanity wants to minimize their impact on the surrounding environment. Looking for innovative roofing solutions for buildings of all sizes is one small step in the right direction.

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