Life After Nose Surgery – Positive And Realistic Expectations

People choose to undergo nose surgery for a variety of reasons. For some, health or medical reasons are the motivating force. Others choose to opt for nose surgery for cosmetic reasons as witnessed by the Becker ENT Center. Indeed not everyone is born with the nose they would like, when this starts to impact on a person’s self esteem and life enjoyment, the option of undergoing nose surgery can be well worth considering.

If you have just had, or are considering, nose surgery, how will your life change in the short-term, as well as in the long term? The following guide gives a general outline of what to expect post-surgery.

Short-Term Expectations

It will take around six weeks for your nose to feel normal and healed, although most activities can be resumed two weeks after surgery. Within the initial few weeks be sure to follow the precautionary steps outlined below:

What Not To Do

– Wear glasses
– Engage in vigorous exercise
– Play contact sports
– Blow or sniff your nose
– Use nasal drops.

What To Do

– Drink plenty of fluids.
– Sneeze with an open mouth
– Limit movement of your upper lip
– Take pain-killers when needed
– Be extra careful when around children or pets that can be energetic or move around unexpectedly.
– Take a bath or shower.

Long-Term Expectations

If you plan to undergo nose surgery for medical reasons, then of course your long-term expectations will be related to your current health condition. Your doctor or surgeon will advise you on the expected success of the surgery in treating your medical circumstances.

For those who opt for nose surgery for cosmetic reasons, the long-term expectations for such a procedure can be very positive.

The effect on self-confidence, esteem, and general life enjoyment can be significant indeed when a person feels utterly unhappy with a part of their body. All of the reassuring words in the world from family and friends often fall on deaf ears when a person is simply completely dissatisfied with a part of their appearance.

A successful nose surgery can give the person a new lease of life and a huge confidence boost. Why it can allow a person to finally concentrate their time and effort on their own life and all of the wonderful things in it. For many post-surgery patients, it can feel like a turning point in their lives.

However, undergoing nose surgery should not be considered as a miracle cure to all anxiety, confidence and self-esteem issues. Like everyone else, a post-surgery person will still have insecure moments, anxiety-filled days and no doubt other concerns about their appearance. Nose surgery should not be expected to eliminate all such human feelings.

People choose to undergo nose surgery for various reasons, and both the short-term and long-term expectations can be positive. By having a realistic idea of what life will be like after surgery, coupled with following the essential do’s and dont’s, a more confident and enjoyable life may be just around the corner.


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