What Is Family Law Mediation? All The Things You Should Know

Family law mediation is a product of the overflowing family courtrooms and stressful future ex-spouses. Specifically, as reiterated by family law mediation san francisco based lawyers, because the dockets of the Image result for What Is Family Law Mediation? All The Things You Should Knowfamily courts were overflowing with dispute cases, a law had to be made to require couples to go through the mediation process before appearing in family court.

But what is the mediation process? And how does it work? It is a process whereby the soon-to-be ex-couple meet for several weeks or months and attempt to resolve their issues so that they can part away in peace. This process is important especially in cases where there are children involved. Mediation can make the process less painful to the children caught in the middle of divorcing parents.

Family law mediation is different from a divorce settlement. With a settlement, the lawyers of both parties meet. Usually, it is only the lawyers who meet, and the husband and wife are seated separately in adjacent rooms. The good thing about this process is that it can work if the couple is always fighting and the only way that they can arrive at an agreement is through their lawyers.

On the other hand, mediation is best in situations where the divorcing couple has an eye out for their children.

Not all couples qualify for mediation, though, as there is a professional mediator who will evaluate a couple for their fitness to go through the mediation process. If a mediation process is approved, the couple meet and work out the terms of their divorce. There is usually no lawyers present, however, this does not mean that divorce lawyers are indispensable at this point.

Image result for Not all couples qualify for mediationIf you are undergoing divorce mediation, you will still need a lawyer. The process of mediation has the end-in-mind of working out a win-win solution for all the parties involved, including the children. In most cases, the only way that a win-win solution is achieved is when lawyers are consulted first before a mediation meeting.

That the lawyers are used only in consultation only means that the divorcing couple can save costs on their lawyer. And it also affords them to the opportunity to part ways in a truly peaceful way.

When a couple divorces, they usually still need to meet because of their children. And for their children’s sake, they still need to be friends even after the divorce documents are signed.

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