Breast Augmentation – Before And After

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to enhance or increase the size of the breasts. Before you go under the knife, there a number of breast augmentation before after factors that need Image result for go home a few hours after breast surgeryto be taken into consideration as well as your expectations of the results after surgery:

2. Before Breast Augmentation

The first important decision that needs to be made is the breast size that you choose. People who are flat chested often want to go to the next extreme and choose a cup size that is 4 or 5 times greater than their current size.

This can lead to regrets as it may cause the body to appear disproportionate or the breast may simply be too large to manage. It is recommended to take advice from your surgeon as well as people who have undergone the procedure only to have it reversed afterwards.

It is also important to prepare for the surgical procedure. Your doctor should provide you with a list of preparations that you need to make including:

– Discontinue the use of any medications including supplements for at least 10 days before surgery other than those prescribed by the surgeon.
– Don’t eat or drink anything (especially alcohol) 24 hours before surgery.
– Remove make-up, nail varnish, jewelry and hair accessories.
– Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing with a zip or button up shirt.
– Quit smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery.

2. After Breast Augmentation

You should be able to go home a few hours after surgery unless there were complications that need to be Image result for go home a few hours after breast surgerymonitored where you might be hospitalized for a few days. You will need to take at least 2 weeks off work and restrict your activity for this period.

For the next four weeks, you can go back to work in a limited capacity and still need to reduce physical activity. In other words, no heavy lifting, physical exercise or other activities that could affect the scars.

You need to go for a check-up with your surgeon to ensure that you are healing properly and that no complications such as infection are present. If you notice any weeping, redness or swelling of the scar tissue prior to your check-up, see your doctor. Don’t expose the scars to the sun at least 1 year after surgery.

You may be given antibiotics as well as pain medication during the healing time.

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